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Factory Area

The company has complete experimental and production facilities, including a 400-square-meter analysis and inspection laboratory, equipped with analytical equipment: nuclear magnetic resonance equipment (HNMR: CNMR, F NMR, BNMR), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Gas chromatograph (GC), liquid mass spectrometry (LCMS), infrared chromatograph (IR), ultraviolet (UV), inductively coupled plasma spectrometer (ICP), element analyzer (EI), titrator (acid-base titration) ), amino acid analyzer, melting point meter, polarimeter; and other analytical equipment. The factory has 2OL, 50L, 100L glass reactors and 50-5000L ceramic, stainless steel and Hala material reactors with a total reaction capacity of 32,000 liters. In addition, the factory is also equipped with 2 rectification towers, which can be high-pressure catalysis-ultra-low temperature reaction ( -80 ℃),ultra-high and ultra-low temperature reaction (240 ℃),fluorination reaction,chiral asymmetric synthesis,enzyme catalysis,continuous reaction and other general and special reactions provide convenient conditions, satisfying kilograms to tons Demand for commercial production of high-grade products.

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  • +86-374-6609999
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